Healy industries Services:
New product design concepts
Enhancing an existing product
Product support
Product evaluation
Bringing technologies together
If your business is looking for a new product
Healy industries can help.
We will look at your business type, current products
and if you produce or manufacture your products,
We then analyze the market and our "linking"
database of other businesses,
Our staff is now ready to design an impressive
product concept
When your business is looking to update
an existing product
We do the same as a new product,
With the addition of how the existing product
fared in the marketplace
How to reach new customers.
Healy industries has a unique way to get your
product to new customers
Do you have a product that needs product support?
We can help, by offering a product support data
basse that you can use in house
or by using our product support service
Many businesses need a product evaluation
we do this for many products
just let us know what you need
At Healy industries we are always bringing
business together with our "linking" data base.
We find business that may, make a part
in which another business can take advantage of
by not having to retool, buy new equipment or find
a source on their own.
: New product design concepts
: Enhancement of old products
: Marketing
: Product support
: Product evaluation
: Technologies integration
Simply go to our contact page and send
an email to the desired department with
any inquires or questions
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